Let's Change Things

Lack of networking and a like-minded support fraternity dampens the most passionate of entrepreneurial pursuits. At Easy Office, we share love, empathize, solve problems and celebrate your working spirit. Easy Office is your brand new space for motivation, collaboration and professional evolution. With a very strong focus on community, networking, relationships and cool aux programs, it just feels super to work here!

So, What Do You Get?

Hottest location, killer coffees, and...

Business Kinship

An inner circle of B-friends that shares business problems, beyond the coffees and scrabble...

Evolution Programmes

B-skill clubs, a well-stocked library, ready to greet every phase of your entrepreneurial journey with answers, workshops, movie nights, lead generation opportunities...

Aux Programmes

All work, all play. Who's Jack? Our chillout couch, gaming marathons, books, friends, and conversations will never make you feel overloaded at work.

Coworking Amenities

Yea, yea! We have the basics right - unique interiors, coffee-on-the-house, high speed internet, stationery, printing/ scanning, phone and intercom, meals-on-order...

Inside Tour

What you see is what you get! We look as young on the outside as we will feel on the inside. Here's a little tour...


Monday through Friday
access to open workspace with conference room bookings.
All-month access to your personal
dedicated desk space with conference room time.
24/7 access to your own
private office that can seat your workforce with conference room time.
Your virtual office - send and receive mail
from our location. Conference room bookings available.

Our Location

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  • Free Coffee
  • High-speed Internet
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Free Friends

  • Easy Office Co-Working & B-Suites